NEWS // 12.11.19

Research paper available: Transforming teacher pedagogy to maximize 21st century skills

Through LEx Research, Huckabee and our partners (ESC Region 12 and Baylor University) are committed to empowering students and educators through the built environment. As part of an ongoing research project, we are investigating the impact that flexible classrooms have on students in the areas of collaboration, communication, critical thinking skills and creativity. As schools redesign learning environments and equip classrooms with flexible furniture, it is imperative to examine the impact on teacher pedagogy and student learning in these areas.

While the study is ongoing, the critical first phases have been completed. Our researchers at Baylor University outline their findings and methodologies in a new article available on BEARdocs, “Transforming teacher pedagogy to maximize 21st century skills through the learning environment.”

An excerpt outlines the methodology: A between-groups research design was used; classrooms were assigned to one of two groups: The intervention group received professional development and flexible furniture for eight weeks (four classrooms), and the control group maintained traditional furniture (10 classrooms). Total recruitment included 327 students in grades two to four, with a random selection of 42 students. Classrooms were observed biweekly for eight weeks. Results of a series of independent sample t-test demonstrated teachers in classrooms with flexible furniture provided more opportunities for students to participate and actively engage in 21st century learning skills.

To read the full paper, click here.

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