A team of visual communicators

Our environmental graphics team engages your audience through campus branding, graphic design and spatial wayfinding within the built environment, using these visuals as a platform for communicating information, shared values and school pride.

A one-of-a-kind visual experience.

Environmental Graphic Design reflects the expanding significance of artful graphic communications within a built environment. Its execution brings vibrancy, relevancy and an element of storytelling to a space—unifying all design disciplines and enhancing user interactions.

Our graphic designers work with you to ensure each space is exciting, engaging and easy to navigate while reinforcing your unique culture through artistic elements, school spirit, color, signage, wayfinding and branded graphics. We will help you create a cohesive and igniting visual experience.


Emmie Crosley


Emmie leads Huckabee’s Environmental Graphic Design team as we develop and communicate your stories—your mascots, core values and school pride—with our specific graphic design skillsets. She works closely with clients and members of the design team to reinforce function and culture through the purposeful integration of graphic design, identity systems, type and image, mural artwork, and signage and wayfinding. This holistic approach also reinforces campus ideals outwardly to the community.

If you’d like to learn more about our Environmental Graphic Design services, please email Emmie.

Mike Mirano


Mike is an experienced graphic designer with a lifelong interest in architecture. In his role, Mike comes alongside our clients to help them envision environmental graphics, signage and wayfinding that complements the built environment. He looks for creative ways to bolster school pride, improve user experiences and enhance school identity.

If you’d like to learn more about our environmental graphic design services, please email Mike.


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Campus Brand Analysis
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Campus Brand Evaluation

Campus + Mascot Logo Design
Brand Elements Design
Program / Zone Branding

Brand Manual
Graphic / Mural Artwork
Signage + Wayfinding
Signage Selection Facilitation

Marquee / Monument Design
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District-Wide Brand Refresh

Channelview ISD

With consistent growth putting almost every campus at capacity and many campuses over 40 years old, CISD hired Huckabee to guide them through their first bond election in a decade. The $195 million bond passed, and Huckabee is partnering with the district to bring bond projects to completion. To support the ongoing projects in the district, Huckabee is working with Channelview ISD on a district-wide brand refresh.

Throughout the district, campus brands are being revitalized. The interior graphics team is guiding Channelview through a comprehensive process and will apply graphics across different mediums. By looking at the current brand and discussing what messages were important for the district to share, we helped create new logos and branding for each campus. Many stakeholders helped bring life to Channelview’s vision. Those involved felt that school pride, campus involvement and tradition were just a few of the positive results the new brands will foster.

Dr. Sarah K. Jandrucko Academy for Early Learners

Mansfield ISD

Every part of the Dr. Sarah K. Jandrucko Academy for Early Learners in Mansfield ISD is designed to maximize the creative potential for students ages 3-4 years old, including the environmental graphics.

This district wanted this building to be a place for students to explore new destinations, time periods and ideas without having to leave the classroom. The notion of a “super kid” emerged from these conversations and became a pillar of the design. A “super kid” can do anything, go anywhere, experience anything—there’s nothing they can’t do! Graphics of these “super kids” are thoughtfully displayed throughout the building and are used to emphasize the theme of each space.

The academy consists of four learning pods, each with four classroom experiences and a common space for dining and instruction. The pods are themed by the type of learning experiences found within, including: Exploration, Interaction, Investigation and Navigation. Graphics frame the entrance to each pod, creating a “portal” into the space. A key element of environmental graphics in this school is the role they play in wayfinding. Branding throughout the building helps young students seamlessly navigate and identify where they are in a space. Each pod is a different color that matches the wayfinding feeder lines that start at the reception desk and split inside the campus as it diverges into two wings.

Creating an immersive experience and connecting concepts and tools was critical. Our team worked with Mansfield ISD to design visual cues that match the graphics and theme of each experience. For example, each experience has a vest or costume piece students wear when they are in that room, these are customized with a branded patch to match that area of the building. The same concept applies to how storage boxes containing educational tools are labeled.

Davenport High School

Comal ISD

Comal ISD’s new high school was designed as a progressive environment with a variety of flexible learning spaces. Together with the district, we worked to define the function of each space within the high school so that graphics and wayfinding could enhance the building’s design.

The space features muted tones, a lighter industrial color palette and highlights the raw mechanical systems. Environmental graphics bring in the school’s colors of maroon, gray, white and black, enhancing the space with color. This campus proudly displays its mascot all across the building, especially in athletic spaces. Additionally, glass is used throughout the campus to create collaboration areas and maker spaces. We used patterns and opacity levels on glass in different areas to maximize the functionality for the user.

Cannon Elementary School: A GCISD STEM School

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD

Cannon Elementary School is one of GCISD’s STEM campuses, and we wanted the design of the building to reflect its unique programmatic offerings. Together with the district’s STEM Director and campus principal, we worked to understand their vision for the space. The building’s environmental graphics reflect and aid instruction.

Different parts of the building have different design focuses: outer space, thermal climate zones and curriculum-based designs. Interactive, museum-like graphics are informative and display curriculum themes throughout the building. We use floor-to-ceiling graphics to emphasize scale and key concepts. For example, one graphic highlights life-size species and helps kids scale themselves relative to the height, wingspan and length of each animal. A planetary system expands down the hallway, sharing facts about each planet. Graphics of thermal climate zones display Cannon’s campus as the reference point on the worldwide map. The dinning commons have pictographs of conservation, ecosystems, recycling and sustainability, reinforcing the informative nature of graphics. Unique to this campus’s story, the main foyer features a large piece about Mr. Cannon, the school’s namesake.

All color palettes complement the colors used for the interiors, enhancing the cohesion of the campus. Through the use of environmental graphics, branding, signage and wayfinding, wall graphics, installation, photography and art murals, the design of this building supplements the instruction happening within its walls.