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In 2014, a partnership began between Huckabee, Education Service Center (ESC) Region 12 and Baylor University’s Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics and Engineering Research (CASPER), creating the Learning Experience Collaborative.  The LEx Collaborative, located at the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC), conducts research at the intersection of professional development and the built environment to determine impact on student engagement and the learning experience.


The LEx Collaborative is comprised of three primary focus areas: Learning Experience Laboratories (LEx Labs), Learning Experience Impact (LEx Impact) and Learning Experience Research (LEx Research).

LEx Labs

LEx Labs is the core research facility, providing incubation space within the BRIC that is designed as a platform for conversations around the built environment and the learning experience. The space provides controlled opportunities to test new concepts, educational tools, cutting-edge technology and flexible learning spaces.

LEx Impact

LEx Impact facilitates meaningful conversations between stakeholders. The LEx Impact team utilizes a thoughtful change management process invoking inspiration around the redesign of learning experiences and deepening educator and student understanding. A primary focus is innovative professional learning.

LEx Research

LEx Research works with school systems (onsite and at LEx Labs) to collect data, evaluate the effectiveness of learning space and give insight into professional development needs for new and evolving learning environments. The research team has undertaken multiple projects focused on flexible learning environments.


If you would like more information about LEx Collaborative please contact Emma Beaird at 254.340.4702 or emma.beaird@huckabee-inc.com.

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