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Wolf Ranch Elementary School

Huckabee and Georgetown ISD worked together to redefine the learner profile within the district—setting a vision for the future of Georgetown students. The new Wolf Ranch Elementary School will align with GISD’s updated learner profile, supporting collaborative and flexible learning while providing a highly functional and visually striking environment.

The exterior design of Wolf Ranch Elementary features stone and brick masonry in warm earth tones with metal panel accents. Glazing is used inside and out to provide natural light and create a sense of transparency. Sustainable design elements, such as sun shading devices and a geothermal mechanical system, offer comfort and promote efficiency. Safety is also prioritized.

Within the school, the design encourages communication and provides numerous ways to learn. Classrooms include movable partitions and are located adjacent to collaboration areas. The design also features a dedicated community space, art room, maker space, dining hall, music room, stage, kitchen and activity space.


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