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Walnut Grove High School

The design for Prosper ISD’s Walnut Grove High School unifies two key themes: a community grounded in tradition and a school district’s mission to prepare students for the 21st century.

The main building is anchored by three monumental elements that host timeless pedagogies—an auditorium for performance, an arena for athletic competition and a forum where students, educators and the community can come together in both interior and exterior spaces. These components are expressed with a classical vocabulary that embodies symbols of learning.

The main street corridor is the modern thoroughfare that connects the forum, arena and auditorium to their counterparts in contemporary curriculum. Classical architectural elements transform into modern details as users move through the building. STEAM and CTE instructional spaces are designed to support advanced learning and technology. 21st century learning concepts and flexible spaces reflect Prosper ISD’s designation as a District of Innovation.

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