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Northwest Campus Redevelopment

Huckabee is partnering with Tarrant County College and Gensler to conceptualize, master plan and design a comprehensive redevelopment of the Northwest Campus. The project will be completed in phases through 2025 and consists of a planned series of demolition, new construction and renovations that will create a “knowledge hub” that challenges the traditional notion of what a campus provides.

The revitalized campus blends educational and economic growth, creating a destination for knowledge, innovation and community building. Four new buildings will reshape the silhouette of the campus, intersecting to create a modern and engaging central plaza. The functionality of each facility is fluid with open and multi-purpose spaces that serve academic programs, administration, the arts and student amenities and services. The campus will also tie into surrounding residential, retail, office and transportation resources.

Renovations will match the existing design and construction standards while modernizing space to complement the new buildings and vision for the campus.

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