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Carroll Fine Arts Complex

Huckabee collaborated with Carroll ISD to create a vibrant, inspiring space for students of the arts. The new Carroll Fine Arts Complex will reunify the senior high school’s award-winning music programs and deliver a state-of-the-art educational and performance space for the community. The project will also reinvigorate the school’s theater and communications programs through a major renovation.

The district’s tradition of excellence guided the vision for the project. The team set out to design a space that promotes creativity and meets the specific needs of music students. The resulting design draws inspiration from the image of a jewel in a box—which is reflected in the building’s gem-like shape, use of bold colors and elegant features.

A flexible, movable stage area and variable acoustics create a wide range of music, presentation and performance setups, with room for approximately 700 spectators on two levels. Large, acoustically appropriate spaces are included for music instruction and rehearsals.

The fine arts commons area connects the new building with the main campus and is a central nexus of the design. Within the space, stunning acrylic art pieces and unique details create energy and excitement. Event and pre-event space can be reconfigured for a wide variety of uses. A media broadcasting lab is included as another way for students to engage with curriculum.


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