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New Jackie Fuller Elementary School

Aubrey ISD’s new elementary school is a tribute to the history of this peaceful North Texas town. The design of the exterior plays off the architectural language of the peanut dryer and brick facades of Main St., Aubrey, with gabled/sloped standing seam roofs, light structures, and brick masses.

Abutting the courtyard are the academic wings, art, science, and library programs. The courtyard also serves as an extension of dining, a learning space for both art and science, and a reading garden/playing area. The main circulation pattern provides transparency to these grounds at all times. Both the structure and wall assembly lend to the library’s lantern effect and allow for clear sight lines into the enclosed courtyard and through the building itself.

The dining area borders the stage and music room and has the flexibility of opening up to an exterior courtyard to the east to accommodate larger performances. The academic wings are arranged into three blocks and feature collaborative learning spaces with movable partitions. These learning spaces can act as separate 750-800 sf areas or can be opened up to create a bigger collaborative space.


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