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Fredericksburg Middle School

The new middle school was designed with the goal of reflecting the history and culture of the town. Huckabee conducted an extensive survey of the town’s architecture to develop a set of principles that would guide the project. The resulting design is a modern building that is deeply rooted in the architectural vocabulary of Fredericksburg’s past.

The building’s design principles include heavy massing with lighter attachments, the use of limestone as a wrapper, simplicity of roof slopes and intersections and a change in material from the first to second floor. The building is organized into three major areas: instructional space, common functions and athletics / extracurriculars. The instructional wing features movable partitions, allowing for a variety of instructional modalities. The central area includes the main entries, library, administration wing, dining / stage and a coffee shop, all connected by wide corridors with natural light and vertical interest.

The result is a flexible and expandable building that provides a modern, state-of-the-art learning environment while also being firmly rooted in the community’s values and identity. The design is the result of three years of community input, ensuring that the new middle school is a source of pride and connection for all.

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