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Brenda Norwood Elementary School

The new Brenda Norwood Elementary School will be the first unique elementary school design for Mansfield ISD in nearly a decade. The design incorporates STEM spaces and a Fine Arts Academy within the traditional neighborhood school setting. It will accommodate up to 900 students.

The large core spaces, such as the library (now referred to as media center) and cafetorium, create an open, central hub within the surrounding academic areas. The media center also includes a learning stair that students can access from both levels. These core areas feature large glass walls that fill the space with daylight and create a connection to the outdoors by providing views of the exterior courtyards. The grade level classrooms are situated around collaborative areas. The exterior of the building features a clean aesthetic. A lower canopy will reach out to provide protection for entering students, staff and visitors. This lower canopy also brings the overall scale down to a more comfortable level for the elementary students.

The new Brenda Norwood ES will be a great addition to the Mansfield family of schools. It will be a warm, playful and agile school that will provide interactive and open learning environments for many years.


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