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Austin and Taylor Elementary Schools

Abilene ISD worked with Huckabee to define their Educational Visioning Statement—the basis for the design of two new schools, Austin and Taylor Elementary. Designed as a prototype, each building respects the existing site, matches the contextual look and feel of the region and acknowledges existing buildings and future developments. The schools provide safe, secure and welcoming environments for all members of the community. 
The prototype design’s guiding concept is flexibility. The central shared areas, including a media center, cafeteria and learning commons, are arranged along the spine. The library and dining area are connected–or alternatively divided—by a raised stage. A tiered auditorium learning stair connects the first and second levels. Classroom neighborhoods are organized around open and collaborative areas, with an additional flex classroom for each neighborhood, small study nooks and standardized classroom sizes throughout to be appropriate to any age group. 
Transparency and connection to the outdoors are also key. The design integrates passive supervision through an open concept with teacher planning areas centrally located throughout the space. Natural light and strategically placed views provide a connection to the outdoors. Exterior learning areas are located adjacent to each classroom neighborhood. Durable, low maintenance materials and devices for solar control support sustainability efforts in the district. 

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