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Roberson STEAM Middle School

Roberson Middle School incorporates the latest in 21st century design, while creating safe and secure spaces. With a focus on STEAM programs, the school is divided into academies that include: Engineering, Agriculture, Criminal Justice and Performing Arts.

Emphasis is placed on creating flexible spaces that allow for student and staff collaboration. Classrooms are designed for maximum flexibility, giving educators complete control of their space. CTE classrooms and labs create opportunity to learn in environments that will be applicable as students move forward with their education. Engineering labs are infused with power and technology to encourage students to think in critical and creative ways. A centrally located maker space provides access for students across disciplines.

Fine arts includes band, choir and dance. A large group instruction space creates seating for up to 300 students. The main stage is a flexible area that allows viewing from the cafeteria and the large group instructional space simultaneously, or from one side at a time.

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