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The stories that shape education are the stories that inspire us the most! The triumphs inside the classroom are personal to us. They mean more, because they illustrate how learning and shared experience can change lives. At Huckabee, we are committed to celebrating MORE of what matters, because witnessing the success of all students drives us to do what we love.

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Hofius Intermediate School

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New Igo Elementary School

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Capt. Mark Tyler Voss Middle School

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Memorial Stadium

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// 11.18.19

School Safety Center Board

Kerri Ranney was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott to the Texas School Safety Center Board. She is the first architect to be


// 11.14.19

Planning Learning Spaces Book

Kerri Ranney, Huckabee’s Vice President of Educational Practice, is a contributing author for the new book, Planning Learning


// 09.13.19

Exhibit of School Architecture

Congratulations to Godley ISD, Rockwall ISD, Georgetown ISD and Mansfield ISD, your vision for four unique projects has been


// 09.05.19

#3 in Giants 300

Building Design + Construction's "Giants 300" list was released, and Huckabee was named #3 K-12 architecture / engineering firm