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Episode 1: Bonds

Click here to view Episode 1: Bonds

Megan Smith, Director of Client Communications, sits down with Tim McClure, Assistant Superintendent for Facilities in Northwest ISD, and Russ Gage, a Northwest ISD parent and Long Range Planning Committee member, in a 30-minute virtual chat about NISD’s postponed $986.6 million May bond election and what both the district and community are doing to keep momentum during this unprecedented time.

Episode 2: Planning

Click here to view Episode 2: Planning

As we find a sense of normalcy, many unknowns remain, especially for Texas schools. Despite the challenges, school districts can use this time to their advantage. Suzanne Marchman, a Director of Client Communications at Huckabee, visits with Dr. Bill Chapman, Superintendent of Jarrell ISD, and Mike Vermeeren, Director of Planning at Huckabee, to discuss how to gain insight and value into your short and long-term needs. This on-demand webinar focuses on ways Jarrell ISD is being intentional with their construction, operations and planning efforts, as well as ways in which school districts can engage in long-range planning (and its benefits) within a virtual work environment.

Episode 3: Texas School Safety Center

Click here to view Episode 3: Texas School Safety Center

The Texas School Safety Center released the “Education Facilities COVID-19 Recovery / Re-opening Appendix,” that serves as an addendum to the Communicable Disease annex (as part of a school district’s Emergency Operations Plan). This new document focuses on COVID-19 and offers comprehensive guidance to school districts related to the re-opening of facilities and development of ongoing safety measures. Each section addresses the impact to facilities, transportation and people. In this webinar, we talk through some of the strategies that are likely to have the greatest impact in mitigating COVID-19. We also speak with school district administrators and personnel to understand the challenges and questions that may arise while exploring these guidelines.

Episode 4: Market Update - School Bond Market

Click here to view Episode 4: Market Update – School Bond Market

Huckabee’s next three on-demand webinars highlight the state of the market in three key areas: Bond Sales / Financing, Real Estate and Construction. The first of this series looks at the school bond market and the impact of COVID-19 on bond sales. Our guest is Derek Honea of RBC Capital Markets, a financial advisor and underwriter for public school districts.

Derek walks through the current state of the municipal bond market and the impact to school districts who are looking to sell bonds, move up the sale of bonds or refinance, as well as those concerned about underlying credit ratings.

Episode 5: Market Update - Real Estate Market

Click here to view Episode 5: Market Update – Real Estate Market

Huckabee’s most recent on-demand webinars highlight the state of the market in three key areas: Bond Sales / Financing, Real Estate and Construction. The second of this series looks at the real estate market with a focus on selecting and purchasing land for new school buildings.

Our guest is George Curry of JLL, a commercial real estate firm. George has helped Texas public school districts locate and purchase land for dozens of schools (elementary to high school) over the last several years. George is joined by Gary Rademacher, a Principal at Huckabee, who has served as an architect for Texas school districts for nearly 30 years.

Episode 6: Market Update - Construction Market

Click here to view Episode 6: Market Update – Construction Market

Part three of Huckabee’s MORE Momentum market update series focuses on the Texas construction market. We discuss the current construction market, what’s changed in the past few months, what school districts can learn from the current state of affairs and the pro/cons of pre-design before passing a bond.

Our guests include:

  • LaShae Baskin, Huckabee’s Austin Office Director

  • Kevin Byrd, Central Texas Vice President of Operations for Bartlett Cocke

  • Dennis Yung, Vice President and General Manager for the Houston and Dallas areas for Skanska

  • Chris Huckabee, CEO of Huckabee

Episode 7: Technology + Instruction

Click here to view Episode 7: Technology + Instruction

This MORE momentum webinar focuses on technology, instruction and virtual learning in 2020 and beyond. We discuss the tangible aspects like infrastructure and devices, the instructional aspects like designing learning and the tools to do that well, and the relational aspects like student engagement and teacher support. Each guest offers a unique perspective as we explore the past, present and future of these new waters we are charting.

Our guests include:

  • Kerri Ranney, Vice President of Educational Practice, Huckabee

  • Russ Johnson, CEO, True North Consulting Group

  • Jesse Garn, Executive Director of Technology, Midway ISD

  • Dr. Becky Odajima, Director of Innovation and Learning, Midway ISD

  • Wes Kanawyer, Principal at Woodgate Intermediate School, Midway ISD