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Kilgore ISD Welding Lab Opens

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Huckabee designed a new welding lab for Kilgore ISD—a facility that will be used in partnership with Kilgore College to provide dual-credit courses for students. It’s part of an emerging trend to promote a Pre-K through 16 education in a Pre-K through 12 learning environment.

Across the state, Huckabee is working with clients to design facilities that support this approach—from environments that foster the development of project-based learning, problem solving skills and pathway exploration to  STEM education, career / tech programming and dual-credit courses. The goal is to help students prepare for college and the workforce while providing them with opportunities to experience higher education at the primary and secondary level.

Kilgore High School’s new shop features 6,000 sf for welding, including eight dual welding stations for 16 students with room to expand to 20. It is Phase 1 of an overall master plan for the high school to offer multiple career pathways and certifications for students. To read more about the project, click here.