Service Awards

Service + Achievement Awards

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Another year has passed … and it’s been one of growth, opportunity and continued impact on education! At our annual holiday celebration, we took a moment to reflect on the year, recognize our team members and spend time together as friends and colleagues. This included recognizing our peers as part of the 2022 Huckabee Service and Achievement Awards.

Service Awards

Each year we recognize employees for years of service, starting at 5 years on up to 30 and beyond! Service awards this year were celebrated for individuals in our Texas offices as well as those in California who joined our firm as part of a partnership with Rachlin Partners.

Achievement Awards

Huckabee presents two awards each year: The Huckabee Achievement Award and The WHOA Award.

The Huckabee Achievement Award recognizes an individual who is characterized by their commitment to excellence and dedication to our clients and to our team. It is the pinnacle recognition that can be achieved at Huckabee. Joshua Cogburn, Principal in Fort Worth, was nominated by his peers as this year’s Achievement Award recipient.

The WHOA Award is a special distinction that recognizes an individual who “took hold of the reins” and expertly guided the team with wisdom, integrity and spirit. It is presented each year in memory of our friend and colleague, Jerry Hammerlun, who passed away in 2017. This year’s award was presented to Lesley Weaver, Director of Communications for Huckabee’s client engagement team.

A Year of Growth

2022 was a year of growth! Huckabee started in Texas, and we are proud to serve educational communities across the state. The students, educators, staff, administrators and parents who breath life into our schools are inspirational! What we design—together—has a lasting impact on the success of all students.

Our passion for creating opportunity for all inspired us to build partnerships with firms who share our same beliefs. Huckabee is the founding brand of MOREgroup, a family of architecture, design and engineering firms that are delivering best-in-class experiences to clients across the United States. Through MOREgroup, we are contributing to a holistic network of services, expertise and innovation that is shared across markets … while maintaining Huckabee’s dedicated focus on education. 

Visit wearemore.com to explore MOREgroup and learn about our partner brands.