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New Reinhardt Elementary School

Residents of Rockwall, Texas passed a bond that included funds for an addition and renovation of Reinhardt Elementary School. The original program included a complete renovation of the interior of the existing facility as well as additional space to bring the capacity to 750 students.

Huckabee and members of the RISD administration team began the planning and programming process. The logistics of renovating and adding on to the existing building on an extremely limited site became apparent to the team. The RISD administration supported a recommendation to engage in a new construction project for Reinhardt Elementary School, and the board formally approved the project.

The design process focused on two important factors: site impact and program relationships. Site placement was an important first step, evolving how the new school would be sited to maximize parking opportunities and site circulation. The selected scheme is a 2-story classroom wing that keeps administration and the cafeteria near the main entrance to enhance visitor access and for after-hour use. Two playgrounds are under consideration, one for younger students and one for older students.

Huckabee has included a storm shelter in the design of the new Reinhardt Elementary School. The shelter utilizes gymnasium space and will accommodate the entire school population within.

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