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Park Hill Elementary School

Midway ISD’s new Park Hill Elementary School is an impressive facility that has been designed with the well-being of its 750 students in mind. The 2-story facility is spread across 104,500 sf on a 54-acre site.

The school was master planned to create a comprehensive educational campus with a focus on meeting the diverse needs of students ranging from pre-K to 5th grade. The district’s design committee, comprised of administrative staff and teachers, worked closely with the design team to ensure the school aligned with district goals.

Park Hill Elementary School’s design emphasizes student well-being, with the library serving as the hub of the school and outdoor learning spaces promoting creativity, flexibility, health and wellness. The main courtyard doubles as an outdoor learning environment and playground, while the separate bus loop contributes to a safe and secure environment. Purposeful placement of glazing maximizes natural light and creates a visually attractive and technologically advanced environment.

Through evidence-based design principles, Park Hill Elementary School has become a space that supports and nurtures students as they learn, grow and succeed. From the innovative use of space to promote collaboration and creativity, to the thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces, every detail has been considered to create an optimal learning environment.

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