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McGhee Elementary School

Huckabee partnered with Channelview ISD to build McGhee Elementary School. This project merged two outdated campuses, built in 1961 and 1973, into a larger and more contemporary setting to serve K-5 grades.

The new campus boasts improved safety measures, including expanded parking, walkways and drives as well as secure entry vestibules, wide corridors and better site-lines to facilitate collaborative learning.

The 2-story academic wing features collaborative zones and administrative suites. It is connected to the library, which serves as a link between academic and public-use facilities such as the gym and cafeteria. The library is an engaging, multi-purpose space with unique structural elements that promote learning, play and creativity. A learning courtyard and playfield are also attached to the library.

The school also features an exhibition space at the entrance that pays tribute to the McGhee School, the first schoolhouse for black students in the state of Texas. The space showcases historical elements of the McGhee School building and graphics to convey its significance and history to the community.

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