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GCISD Technology Education Career Center

The TECC is a unique project in that it serves two rival high schools, while residing as a part of one of them. Creating an independent environment where students from either high school felt at ease and on common ground was critical to the project’s success. The TECC features a separate entrance, a separate identity and a separate culture from the attached high school. It utilizes sophisticated materials, equipment and finishes to provide a modern and innovative space.

Students are able to use existing and emerging technologies as a part of their education, and many career pathways lead to industry certification or college credit. Students can explore programs such as automotive tech, health care, culinary arts, journalism, agriculture and engineering in a state-of-the-art facility. In the core of the TECC resides a gathering area that blurs the lines between coffee shop, collegiate student union, student-centered counseling and a place to spend time with friends. The “Go Center” has multiple seating options, while providing an outlet for socialization.

CTE exterior Huckabee Texas
computer class Huckabee Texas


Centralized career and technology-focused campus to provide a space that engages students in advanced, hands-on learning, preparing them for a variety of career choices


Xeriscaping, LED lighting, energy-efficient windows, energy management system

Square Footage 61,894
Cost $6,023,158
Students Served 500
Grade Levels 9-12
Location Grapevine, Texas

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