square Huckabee Texas

Granbury High School

Huckabee teamed with district staff, students, parents and community members to redefine instructional delivery in the district through the transformation of Granbury High School. The team explored emerging educational philosophies and technologies and how the building could support them. The transformation of GHS is designed around the student, providing spaces that are interesting, engaging and safe. The design promotes and supports collaboration for both students and teachers, featuring breakout rooms, collaboration spaces, flexible furniture, a student union and a “learning stair” in the library. For teachers, centralized planning rooms throughout the facility promote teaming and cross-curricular planning.

Granbury High School Huckabee Texas


Transform a 49-year-old facility, add space for state-of-the-art career and technology programs, enlarge and renovate fine arts spaces and create a new standard for instructional delivery.


Natural daylighting and shading devices, ICF and solid masonry wall systems, energy efficient HVAC system, high performance glazing, native landscaping, LED lighting, single-ply white roof, water conserving fixtures, recycling program, emphasis on indoor air quality, recycled and local materials

Square Footage 369,329
Cost $49,252,665
Students Served 2,500
Grade Levels 9-12
School Mascot Pirates
School Colors Purple / Gold
Location Granbury, Texas

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